Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Los Angels

I´m sorry for not posting for so Long. But know School is over, I have exactly one month left until we meet again and I´m just back from California so this is worth a post.
The past week wa probably one of the best.
I had so much fun, meet a lot of awesome new people and enjoyed an awesome city!
Í could try to discripe here, what Los Angels is like but it will never do it even.
It was surprisingly really clean and full of different plants. Also, a lot of asian and southamerican people seemed to live there. I think the best part of the trip where Santa Monica and Venice beach.
I had a blast and a really good time andI will miss the people I met there a lot. I hope I will be able to travel back to that city again because it was defenitly worth it!!
lot´s of love,


Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014


Hello everyone!!
Because today is mother´s day, I want to use this opportunity to thank all the people, who made my AFS year possible!
 I really appreciate everything you all did, to make my year abroade possible!
I know, that I´m not the easiest person are, to be around for my family and I know that it sometimes hard is, to keep up with me, but just so that you know: I love you!!
And I am so thankful, for everything you have done for me. I could not ask for a better one!!
LOVE, Femke

Montag, 5. Mai 2014


Last weekend was the Prom 2014 at Central Highschool. I went there with a bunch of girls from my school and both of my "Sisters" came over before because it is such  big deal here.andie just got a new puppy(Macie), which is the cutest thing on earth!! 
Our Group went to a park first to take some pictures and we went to a Italien place for supper afterwards. We had the Prom in our School, wich mde it very cheap for all of us. Some scool are going to a Hotel, wich raises the ticket Prices on around 100$ !!
 Every year, it´s the Juniors Job to decorate the school an this years theme was "heaven on earth".
Prom lasted from 8 till about 11 a clock and everyone spends weeks of preapearing, finding hair and Makeup and of course the Dresses.
After prom, everyone goes home, changes cloth and goes back t School to celebrate postprom
That means, that everyone get´s food and drinks for free and you got presents there too. Also, there was an hypnotist, photoboth and other oppoturneties to spend your time other than getting drunk, which is a big problem here, since the drinking age is 21.
Hugs& Kisses

My world´s favourite Italien Marta


Montag, 21. April 2014


It´s Easter monday already!! I had a great Holiday with lot´s of Food and fun. We colort egg´s and made smors( Marschmallows between Crackers and chocolate).
yestrday, we went over to our aunts house to spend sunday with the whole Family. I did´nd had to go to school Friday and today, wich comes pretty close to vacation, especially, since it was so warm yesterday.
Because of the 3 babies we have in the Family right now, Brison& Brighly (twins) and Hudson, it was a little like a kindergarten because eveyone anted to hold the cuties!!:)
I hope all of you had a blast too!
I think April is my favourite month so far and since we have another camp next week I´m petty sure it get´s even better!
I just got an letter from AFS today and the time seem to flight by so fast!! It´s not even 3 month left!!:O
lot´s of Love,

a little of a marshmallow fail.


Sonntag, 13. April 2014


I was a little busy the last month.
 But now I´ll take time for a short update:
I had a great birthday and really thankful for all the wishes and presents. I appreciate that.
We went to STL and I had a surprise visit from one of my AFS friends, who also lives like 30 mintes fom my home in Germany! I´m so happy that I met this dime here !
School here Ends for me at Mai 22nd, when my classmates celebrate theire graduation.
My awesome Hostfamily will take me to Florida for a week and I will go on a trip with a Group to LA for 5 days. SOOO..I´m really looking foreward to the summer!!
And that we have a pool were we could go everytime is helpful too!
Cahokia mountains and the arch in the Background.

Nice Nailpolish..:)

The arch